Policy Support Facility – call for experts

Policy Support Facility – call for experts

A consortium led by Ecorys, with EFIS, IDEA Consult, and PPMI, is looking for experts to support upcoming assignments for the Policy Support Facility (PSF).

PSF is a tool provided by the European Commission to help EU Member States and Associated Countries reform their national research and innovation (R&I) policies and systems.

There are three types of services that countries can use, as the Commission underlines

PSF Country (formerly PSF Peer Reviews & Specific support to countries) is an in-depth assessments of a country’s R&I system (or of parts of it) carried out by a panel of experts and peers and leading to actionable policy recommendations to the national authorities on reforms necessary to strengthen their R&I system. 

PSF Challenge includes the PSF Mutual Learning Exercises and is focused on specific and operational R&I challenges of interest to several volunteering countries. It aims to identify good practice, lessons learned and success factors. 

PSF Open allows countries having already benefitted from a PSF exercise to receive support to follow-up on the PSF recommendations. 

The experts need to have an extensive experience in the field of R&I and an in-depth understanding of how countries can better reshape their policies to boost the status-quo of R&I. This is a great opportunity for experts to partake in policy making and provide recommendations to national governments across the EU and in Associated Countries.  

If you are interested, please fill in information in the link provided below so you can be included in the PSF experts database. The deadline is 9 May 2022. 

You can access the PSF experts database here.