Environmental, Social & Governance

At Ecorys we strive to achieve our business objectives in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, through recognising the economic, social, ethical, legal and environmental implications of our activities and by consistently aiming to improve both ourselves and the world we live in. We have a global ESG strategy, led by our Board of Management and lived by our whole organisation. ESG is not a new concept at Ecorys. For many years the companies across the Ecorys Group have undertaken ESG activities linked with the global vision.  

The key pillars of our ESG strategy focus on: 

  • reducing and where necessary offsetting our carbon footprint to attain carbon neutrality by 2029 
  • working towards circularity by minimising our waste 
  • continually improving employee engagement 
  • equity, diversity and inclusion goals 
  • health and safety and wellbeing of all our staff 
  • connecting with local communities and helping them to thrive 
  • managing business risks and ensuring business integrity 
  • ensuring data security and compliance across our operations 

We are developing a global ESG scorecard and will report on it in our annual reports. 

Connecting with communities has been a focus in Ecorys over many years. Our company works with a charity for a two-year partnership and over nine years have donated tens of thousands to our charity partners. This, along with our annual volunteering day has seen our teams volunteer and donate to worthwhile causes including Young Minds, Contact the Elderly, Women’s Aid, Crisis and FareShare.

Ecorys has also taken part in a range of fundraising events, including marathons and collecting donations, to support local and global charities and causes. 

Our Ambassadors

We have a group of enthusiastic ambassadors representing our different offices and teams. Their role involves: 

  • Organising and reporting on Ecorys charity activities
  • Liaising with other members of staff and running events
  • Being a point of contact and information on ESG matters within the company
  • Taking forward other ESG initiatives e.g. environmental initiatives or volunteering

Current activities

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