New Ecorys study for UfM: “Towards a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region”

In February 2021, Ministers from the 42 Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) countries agreed to intensify their efforts towards a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean.

A new report by Ecorys identifies challenges and potentials for the development of key blue sectors in the region.

The ‘Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Report’ commissioned to Ecorys Spain by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Secretariat provides an updated overview and projection of the potential of the blue economy in the Mediterranean region, including an analysis of each of the blue economy sectors, based on the most recent available data and sources. 

The report also includes identified trends in the creation of job opportunities and skills development and emphasizes on the impact of COVID-19 on each sector.

Topics include the governance and the future of sea basin strategies in the Mediterranean region; the status of marine and maritime research and innovation, skills, careers and employment; interactions between marine litter and the sustainable blue economy and sustainable investments in the blue economy.

At the same time, a number of maritime sectors of particular interest in the Mediterranean were also introduced, which include fishing and aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism, maritime transport and ports (including shipbuilding), marine renewable energy and maritime safety and security.

Download the PDF report here