EURES Communication Activities

EURES Communication Activities

EURES – the European Job Mobility Network – is the European job search cooperation network between the European Commission, National Coordination Offices and service providers in Member States, with the aim of facilitating labour mobility.

It consists of more than 1000 staff working on transnational and cross-border mobility issues across the 28 Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We support EURES in raising brand awareness and increasing internal cooperation after the EURES Regulation reform. Since January 2017, our team delivered continuous communication and information services, namely:

  • Operation of the EURES News and Information Bureau – production of articles and preparation of monthly newsletters
  • Web mastering for the EURES portal and EURES extranet – updates of specific sections of both platforms. We were also in charge of content provision, monitoring and moderation of the EURES extranet.
  • Production of infographics – Our team delivered quarterly EURES infographics with the latest EURES stats.
  • Social media management – daily management of external and internal social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) from content planning through to monthly reporting.
  • Training sessions – delivery of training sessions to the internal network on specific communication and social media topics. Drawing from the pool of internal experts, we delivered over 40 training sessions, ensuring their set-up, planning, promotion, and evaluation.

Furthermore, our team provided support in internal events throughout the year, from live coverage on social media to the production of videos and articles later shared with the network. Likewise, our team created innovative communication materials such as podcasts, a vlog and social media videos.

Finally, our team provided ad-hoc communication support to all Member-States. This included supporting with social media analysis, promotion of national events or any other communication task in which our expertise could be useful

In the two years our team has been in charge of the EURES communication activities, the overall external social media following has grown over 30%. Internally, the members of our Community of Practice has risen by 40%.

Over 400 internal EURES Staff have also been trained on multiple topics, such as social media management and content creation, event organisation and management, employer and jobseeker engagement, and much more.