Case Study

Research on the Potential of the Industry of Animation and VFX

Client: Polish Film Commission | Sectors: Social Policy, Economic Growth

The Polish Film Commission, together with the Association of Polish Animation Producers, appointed us to conduct research on the current situation of Polish animation.

What does the support for animated art projects actually look like today? What are the sources of financing and what should they be like? Will the animated films continue to be produced primarily in small studios that support themselves from ads and special effects? Our study provided answers for these, and many other, questions.

Our partner in this project was the Association of Polish Animation Producers that promotes Polish animation and supports the integration of the Polish animation environment.

The main objective of the project, involving the participation of stakeholder groups and people who are active in the industry, was to evaluate the economic, technological and developmental potential of the Polish sector of animation and VFX. The report provided a material, which promotes the Polish sector of animation and VFX, describing its growth potential and the broad benefits of the creative industry development in Poland. In addition, we identified developmental needs and barriers of the industry and prepared recommendations to support the sector.

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Key Experts

Iwona Kania International