Enhancing EU Coordination and Impact in the Sahel: A Strategic Response to Terrorism

In a significant step towards strengthening the European Union’s response to the spill-over of terrorism from the Sahel region, Ecorys, in collaboration with the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), is set to undertake a project funded by the European Commission. This initiative, scheduled to unfold from November 2023 to May 2025, aims to address gaps in project coordination and enhance overall impact on the targeted territories.

The project, titled “Assistance for Coordination and Monitoring of EU Support in Response to Terrorism Spill-over from the Sahel,” acknowledges the need for a more integrated and collaborative approach. The overarching objective is to ensure effective communication and coordination among EU projects, maximising their impact on the Coastal Countries and southern regions of the Sahel. The initiative also seeks to shed light on the EU’s contribution to countering terrorism, making this vital information accessible to a broader community of stakeholders.

Under the leadership of the Western Africa Unit in DG INTPA, the project unfolds three specific objectives to achieve its goals. Firstly, under DG INTPA’s guidance, the project aims to foster cooperation and coordination among EU projects by mapping past, ongoing, and anticipated initiatives and introducing a virtual collaboration platform. Secondly, it seeks to enhance monitoring and evaluation by developing a joint impact assessment framework and utilising innovative digital techniques for visualising project impact. Lastly, the project aims to strengthen evidence-based decision-making by serving as an information gateway, providing updates on relevant initiatives, offering recommendations, contributing to policy forums, and producing communication materials to enhance visibility. This comprehensive approach aims to maximise the collective impact of EU projects in the Sahel region.

As Ecorys takes the lead in this strategic endeavour, the project promises to bridge existing gaps and establish a more resilient and impactful EU response to terrorism spill-over from the Sahel.

For more information, contact Ignacio García, Senior Consultant.