Bicycle parking: capacity and needs study

Parking is not just an important issue for motorists. Cyclists also want to be able to park their bikes easily, orderly and safely. Cycling is also receiving increasing attention as a sustainable and healthy alternative to maintain the accessibility of our towns and cities. Municipalities are therefore seeking solutions for bicycle parking in addition to existing parking facilities. For example, in built bicycle parking facilities. But how many bicycle parking facilities are needed? And in which locations? To answer these questions, Ecorys conducts bicycle parking studies for several clients.

Bicycle parking needs companies and institutions
In 2022 we will map the bicycle parking needs for the VU/Vumc. For this we use a theoretical approach. We assume the travel distances of students and employees based on their home address. In a number of steps, we translate this into a theoretical need. We compare this theoretical need with the results of a count at the current bicycle parking facility by our own fieldwork agency. Based on this data and knowledge of a number of trends, we estimate the bicycle parking needs in 2030. We also conduct a similar analysis for the UvA Science Park location. In 2021 we mapped the bicycle parking needs for the UvA location Kenniskwartier.

Bicycle parking needs of municipalities
In 2018, we mapped the entire bicycle parking capacity and occupancy for the municipality of Amsterdam for the districts of Oost, Zuid and Noord and Zuidoost. Our team mapped the different types of bicycle parking capacity in those districts (e.g. number of bicycle staples, bicycle gates and bicycle bins). In addition, we made an inventory of parked bicycles in the facilities and/or outside these facilities. With this information the need for bicycle parking spaces during the day and the locations where there is a shortage of capacity become clear. We recently conducted a similar analysis in Rotterdam Kralingen-Oost.

Would you like more information about our parking surveys? If so, please contact Mick Klaassens or Boyd Bergsma.