Roadmap for understanding the space needs of circular economy: North Sea Canal Area

Due to limited space and complexity, the North Sea Canal Area (NZKG) in the Netherlands faces a major challenge accompanied by numerous uncertainties about the demand for space arising from the transition to a circular economy.

The North Sea Canal Area (NZKG) is one of the largest industrial areas in the Netherlands. Besides providing employment for the region, the economic value of the NZKG is reflected in the hub function it provides for global and regional trade in essential commodity flows. The area hosts large industrial companies as well as suppliers, logistics service providers and partly urban economy. Due to its size, scope and type of raw material flows, the NZKG is a location, where the transition to a circular economy is asserting itself and at the same time can play an important function in the transition.

Interested in what the circular transition means for your region? The roadmap ins the article below will help you understand the answer to this question.

Read our full article (in Dutch) on the scenarios and the effect on space use in the NZKG here. Our full report can be found here.


BT Magazine also published an article about our work. BT Magazine is a trade magazine for everyone concerned with regional innovativeness and business climate.

20 December 2023

1 minute read