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Circular economy

We facilitate governments, regional authorities and companies to draw up and shape (or reshape) strategies, effective policies and plans towards a resilient circular economy. We work integrally across different value chains, such as construction, plastics and healthcare and across the spatial domain on a EU, national, regional and local level, looking at local and regional economies. Always keeping in mind that the circular ambition also overlaps with other social transitions, such as the energy transition, agricultural transition and use of land and water.

We provide research-based consultancy such as business cases, socio- and spatial economic cost-benefits, evaluations, market and value chain analysis, monitoring and dashboard. We aim to offer our clients tailored advice that fits their needs and questions. Through our work we aim to contribute to solving key challenges towards a circular future. We work on a range of topics.

  • Spatial economic analysis: helping regions and cities with their circular strategies by analyzing the local opportunities for (circular) activities, areas within cities and industrial estates and transport logistics.
  • (Open source) data: helping governments and companies to collect and analyze open sourced or organization specific data to discover trends and patterns. For example on material flows, value chains and spatial characteristics (GIS).
  • Value chains: experience in analyzing value chains on local, national and international scale. We have experience in construction, plastics, health care and others.

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