Ecorys opens second office in India

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Ecorys India has opened a second office in India in Chennai, the capital of the Indian state Tamil Nadu. Chennai is located in the southern region of the Country 2.200 kilometers from Ecorys’ other office in New Delhi. 

Ecorys has acquired early this year the following three World Bank funded projects with the Highways Department of Tamil Nadu in India.

  1. Consultancy Services for Road Safety Management – Ecorys supports the achievement of the objective of safer roads through technical assistance for implementing key elements of the existing road safety policy through Highways Department and other key stakeholder (transport, police, health and education (e.g., training, awareness campaigns, education, equipment etc.) and other government departments. Ecorys is developing an ambitious partnership-based approach (among the stakeholders) to the achievement of road safety goals in Tamil Nadu using a demonstration corridor of 100 km. This includes working effectively across institutional boundaries while remaining accountable to the Transport Department for agreed deliverables.
  2. Consultancy Services for Process Re-Engineering - To keep up with the pace of construction methodologies, engineering practices, efficient designs, computer aided designs and simulations, accounting procedures etc. The Highways Department has felt the need to update the current Highways manuals. The revisions are envisaged to incorporate the latest development in the engineering and administrative fields to enhance the efficiency of the Department in implementation of road projects in the State. In view of this, Government of Tamil Nadu, has appointed Ecorys to review, consult, re-draft and update the existing four manuals of the Highway Department.
  3. Consultancy Services for Training Need Assessment and Management - the Highways Department is committed towards the capacity building of its human resources to meet the challenges of the technological developments in the field of highway engineering and intended to take initiatives in meeting the challenges. The stakeholders in this training will include technical and non-technical personnel of the Highway Department. Ecorys has been appointed to strengthen the professional training of two groups: (i) Trainers (ii) Trainees consisting of (a) Trainees (Technical) and (b) Trainees (Non-technical). The mandate to Ecorys also include training of 50 Engineers at select premier international organizations (possibly in USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada etc.).