Ecorys study on competitiveness of the European cement and lime sectors

Ecorys study on competitiveness of the European cement and lime sectors

The cement and lime sectors in the EU are vital for a range of downstream industries, products and services. Over the past 10 years, both of these sectors have witnessed major downturns, therefore the future is less than certain. A key issue for both sectors is to better understand how resilient the sectors are when responding to the external environment, notably changes in demand, but also regulatory reforms and new (policy) initiatives at local, regional, national and EU levels).

The study “Competitiveness of the European Cement and Lime Sectors” investigates the current competitiveness of the EU cement and lime sectors and analyses the potential threats and opportunities for these sectors.

Some key findings of the study:

  • Production of cement and lime tends to be locally-based, with most product supplied within a radius of less than a few hundred kilometers from the production site.
  • While the cement sector is showing signs of recovery from the 2008 economic crisis, the structural decline in the EU industrial basis (particularly steel industry) has a profound impact on the EU lime sector.
  • The overall competitiveness position of the industries is challenged by various factors. The analysis shows for example that the EU trade balance is fragile and remains vulnerable to changes in price differentials, induced by changes in input costs, taxes or duties.

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