Warmia and Masuria – It's Wonderful!

Warmia and Masuria – it’s wonderful!

Ecorys Polska conducted the media and visual campaign for Warmia and Masuria (a region in the east-north of Poland, famous for its multiple lakes and vast forests) on the basis of a contest won.

The campaign “Warmia and Masuria – it’s wonderful!” covered the domestic market and chosen foreign countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine). We produced and disseminated radio and TV spots, used outdoor media and web-portals. The campaign was funded by ERDF via Regional Operational Programme for Warmia and Masuria 2007-2013.

The scope of the contract included:

  • The supplementation of the media plan, while maintaining the highest level of effectiveness of the campaign.
  • The rental of advertising space, the layouts, poster printing, and the outdoor campaign.
  • The production of two commercials / TV spots (30 seconds and the short version of 15 seconds) with a soundtrack (cover of Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” song), and the emission of two shortened versions of commercials (15 seconds), exposure of layouts for different types of online advertising.


  • Coordination of strategy and project management
  • Develop strategy of integrated campaign to promote the tourist attractions of Warmia and Mazury aimed at foreign and domestic markets, including Ukraine
  • Development of a detailed media plan: outdoor, TV, The Internet;
  • Production of two TV spots.
  • Developing the content for the spots in consultation with the client
  • Media-buying;
  • Planning and buying media on public transport
  • Advice on the selection of media
  • Assist in the selection of media sources and secure contact for further dissemination

11 February 2019

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