Technical Assistance to the Modernisation of Agricultural Programme

Technical Assistance to the Modernisation of Agricultural Programme

The overall objective of the program was to contribute to a more productive, sustainable, diversified, climate-resilient, market-oriented and inclusive agriculture in Sri Lanka.

The technical assistance operated at national, provincial and local levels and provided support to the main stakeholders in identifying and addressing the needs and gaps in capacities, policy, fiscal, legislative or regulatory frameworks needed to enable small holder farmers and SMEs to move towards a more sustainable, resilient and productive agriculture.

The key results of this project were:

  1. Developing an overall agriculture policy in line with the Government’s Development Goals
  2. Creating the enabling environment for farmers and SMEs in the sector and implement relevant reforms and policies for the modernisation and diversification of existing agriculture production.
  3. Promote exports by the target group of companies to meet expanding international demands
  4. Improving existing systems and practices used by central and provincial Ministries involved in agriculture for planning, budgeting/resource allocation, implementation of sectoral and sub-sectoral policies
  5. Monitoring and assessing the impact of implementing the Government’s overall agriculture policy through an improved statistical and data analysis system

18 February 2019

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