Implementation of the Energy Efficiency First Principle in decision-making

Ecorys supported the European Commission, DG Energy, with the implementation of the Energy Efficiency First Principle in decision-making. This principle ensures that decision-makers (public and private) are applying the most energy-efficient solution in for example buildings, roads, water, digital etc. and is included in the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Ecorys Netherlands and Spain drafted together with Fraunhofer:

  • An overview of the energy efficiency first focus on the National Energy and Climate Plans
  • An overview of relevant policy areas in energy markets, energy supply and system integration, energy demand, digitalisation and transportation.
  • A tool for decision-makers that helps them in policy design, system planning and investments to identify the most energy-efficient solution. For each phase (inception, preparation, validation and implementation) questions have been developed that will help them in addressing the most energy-efficient solution within their budget.
  • A library with relevant literature that will help the decision-makers with answering each question

The results can be found in the report.

For further information, you can contact Marie-Jose Zondag and Laura Heidecke in Ecorys NL, or Nicoletta Del Bufalo  in Ecorys ES.

11 June 2021

1 minute read

Key Experts

Marie-Jose Zondag

Senior Consultant