Our sectors

Climate, energy and environment

We aim to address the global challenges of climate change, clean energy transition and support environmental sustainability. We work across the full policy cycle, covering clean energy, green financing, climate mitigation and adaptation, environmental conservation, energy efficiency, water management, sustainable blue economy, biodiversity and just transition.

We provide advisory and support services, including research studies, impact assessments, evaluations and consultations, through to more long-term integrated projects that bring together a range of activities including project management, secretariats, stakeholder engagement and events, communication, capacity building and technical assistance. Through our work, we want to contribute to the achievement of climate neutrality and the green deal objectives to create a more sustainable and climate-proof society and future.

We support a range of clients including local and national governments, the European Commission and European Parliament, international donors and institutions, public authorities and other organisations. We also provide services under the European Union research programme. We work across a range of areas: 

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