Regional Energy Strategies: the role of labor market and education

The availability of sufficient labor is crucial to the successful implementation of Regional Energy Strategies (RESs). The urgency of the employment problem is mentioned in many RESs, but not all regions link concrete actions to it yet.

Commissioned by the National Regional Energy Strategy Program (NPRES), Ecorys conducted a study on the relationship between RESs, labor market and education. In doing so, our researchers mapped what steps RES regions have taken in this area and what the main bottlenecks and successes were. View the research report in Dutch (pdf).

We also published a worksheet with practical tools to integrate labor market and education in the RES. View the publication of the handbook and worksheet here.

21 October 2021

1 minute read

Key Experts

Menno van Benthem

Principal Consultant

Yoeri Dijkhof