Ecorys to study challenges in the commercialisation of airborne wind energy systems


On behalf the European Commission, Ecorys will study the potential of the emerging energy technology Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES). Ecorys leads a consortium of organisations, which includes Fraunhofer IWES, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and the Polytechnic University of Milan. In light of the growing interest and investments in the AWES sector, the aim of the study is to provide policy guidance that will facilitate the most efficient and effective use of research and innovation investments for the development of the sector. 

The objective of the study is to provide 1) an overview of the state of the art of AWES; 2) a mapping of involved industries and research organisations; 3) an assessment of the AWES market potential; 4) a critical analysis on technological and non-technological barriers to enter the energy market; and 5) elaboration of measures to overcome these barriers. Overall, this should lead to the development of a pathway towards commercialisation for AWES.