Supervision and Advisory services for EU delegation in Tanzania

Ecorys Netherland is currently leading a project for the EU Delegation in Tanzania. The overall purpose of this project is to ensure that component I of the BEGIN programme is strategically aligned and on track to implement the Specific Objective 1 and related Expected outputs in the Financing Agreement.

The specific objectives of the contract are:

  1. Activities and budget allocations under BEGIN component 1 are in line with the overall and specific objectives of the Financing Agreement, the logical framework and the strategic priorities of the National Blueprint Steering Committee.
  2. Activities are on track as per the approved work plan and budget to meet the results indicators in the logical framework.

The project will start in the beginning of 2022 and the expected period of execution of the contract will be 36 months from this date. The implementation team is composed of 2 Key Experts, one Team Leader and KE2 (Business environment specialist).

To meet the global and specific objectives, the consultants will conduct two supervision missions per year in preparation for the Blueprint, Standards and Innovation Committee. During the supervision mission, the consultant(s) will be required to provide the following services:

  1. Assessment of budgets and work plans in terms of their alignment with objectives in the financing agreement, logical framework in the financing agreement, priorities of the National Blueprint Steering Committee and those identified during stakeholder consultations;
  2. Assessment of synergies and/or overlap with the other two BEGIN components, other ongoing blueprint support programmes and other related initiatives (e.g. on private sector development, DRM or PFM);
  3. Reconstruction of the logical framework to show progress on the results indicators with explanations and justifications;
  4. Assessment of implementation progress during the 6 months before the mission as per the approved work plan and budget. This also includes an assessment of the quality of outputs and the identification of any possible implementation challenges to be addressed at the level of the BEGIN Blueprint Committee;
  5. Progress on implementation of recommendations from the previous BEGIN Blueprint committee and from the annual Blueprint, Standards and Innovation Committee;
  6. Following every supervision mission, the consultant(s) produce a report with findings and recommendations for the Technical committee and Steering committee to respond to implementation and strategic challenges and opportunities for BEGIN component I.

We are content to be involved in this assignment and would like to assure that we are continuing the good work on this and other assignments under implementation.

For more information, please contact Senior Project Manger Cristina Gogonetu.

21 December 2021

2 minute read

Key Experts

Cristina Gogonetu

Project Manager