Publications for the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

Publications for the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

During 2017–2020, the Ecorys editorial team edited, proofread and coordinated the layout and delivery of two editions of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships flagship publication – ‘Good for Youth, Good for Business’.

Each edition provided an overview of the activities and achievements of the alliance across 72 pages, and our editorial team was required to review and edit content from a variety of contributors including the European Commission, chambers of commerce, national governments and vocational trainees.

The lead editor also worked with our creative services team to develop a creative concept and to layout and deliver the publications according to the European Commission’s visual identity. Our experts then coordinated the translation and reproduction of each report in three official EU languages.

The publications were presented to high-profile stakeholders at events including European Vocational Skills Week.

We are proud to have supported the Commission in demonstrating the achievements of EU Member States in improving the quality and availability of apprenticeships throughout Europe.

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5 November 2020

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Key Experts

Dominic Smith

Senior Editorial Consultant

Jade Maisey

Editorial Consultant