Options and recommendations for a sustainable global public good

Options and recommendations for a sustainable global public good

In a situation where countries are asked to mobilise domestic resources to finance their own development, ensuring an efficient use of public funds to finance development remains a key international objective, more specifically as part of (Sustainable Development Goal) SDG 16.

In this partnership, the objective of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability’s (PEFA) founding members is to build on the experience and success of PEFA over the last 15 years to enhance PEFA’s role in strengthening PFM (Public Financial Management) systems at national and sub-national levels around the world.

The recent initiation of the fifth phase of the program, extending its term for a further five years, provides additional medium-term stability. With this in mind, PEFA’s partners have decided to launch a joint project on the future strategic direction of PEFA beyond the current phase. In particular, its future role, continuing relevance, scope and mandate, clients and users, financing and sustainability and the objectives it should strive to achieve.

The proposed study is a preparatory analytical exercise to provide the PEFA Steering Committee with a common basis and to propose options to define the future PEFA program in terms of focus and scope, development of the framework, organisation of the Secretariat function and funding modalities.

9 July 2019

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Key Experts

Maria Aguirre

Project Manager