Interpretation of the 'Right to Challenge' principle on electricity grid

Ecorys has conducted research on how to flesh out the ‘Right to Challenge’ principle. The essence of this principle is that other parties have the right to challenge implementers of public tasks in their duties and responsibilities, including grid operators. In the study, we adopted a broad interpretation of the principle, distinguishing between five variants. We outline, based on literature review and interviews, whether these variants can contribute to removing capacity problems on the internet.

The tightness on the electricity grid is currently causing major problems and hampering the energy transition. The government was therefore asked, through a motion by MP Boucke et al, to investigate whether there is room in the laws and regulations to have the problems on the electricity grid solved by applying the ‘Right to Challenge’ principle. The report was referred to in a parliamentary letter on electricity grid capacity problems.

Want to know more? Also read the room letter and research report in Dutch (pdf).

19 September 2022

1 minute read