Implementing the Knowledge Hub Digital to facilitate a fair digital transformation worldwide

Digitalisation is a crucial enabler for job creation, advancing education and boosting competitiveness. Space-based services enable countries to address global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change, poverty and access to water and resources. The Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) ecosystems is widely recognized as crucial for supporting knowledge production, reinforcing and developing new skills, and promoting innovation in response to societal and global challenges. Yet, these benefits are not available to everyone. Therefore, the European Commission’s Knowledge Hub Digital (KHD) aims to help the EC achieve the EU global ambition of promoting a fair, inclusive, gender responsive, green and human-centric digital transformation worldwide. Ecorys, together with Stantec, was commissioned to implement the project.

The digital sector is increasingly fundamental for the achievement of the EU’s external policy objectives, in a context in which the narrative on what our digitalised future society should look like, risks being monopolised by actors that do not share EU values related to democracy and human rights. Lessons learnt show that EU digital interventions in the past lacked coherence and require further alignment with the EU strategies and vision.

To address this issue, our partner Stantec will mobilize the best available international expertise to address common challenges and seize the opportunities of digitalisation and science, technology and innovation across regions and countries in several key digital and STI priority areas. Our experts will conduct different activities ranging from technical advice to project formulation, negotiation and facilitation with technical stakeholders, performing studies and analytical work, as well as training, communication and outreach activities. The overarching scope is the promotion of knowledge development and the sharing of best practices in view of supporting the development of DG INTPA’s and DG NEAR’s – as well as of EU Delegations and Partner Countries worldwide – thematic expertise and capacity to engage international stakeholders in multilateral fora.

Job Postings

Interested in the project? We are looking for junior and senior short-term experts to work on the project. The role can be home-based with in-country missions when requested. For more information, please read the job description. In case of any questions about the vacancy, please contact Giacomo Citterio, project manager.