Evaluation Temporary rail freight subsidy scheme for special detour costs

In mid-December, the State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management sent the Evaluation of the Temporary Subsidy Scheme for Rail Freight Transport for Special Diversion Costs to the House of Representatives. We conducted this evaluation earlier this year.

The purpose of this scheme is to partially compensate for the additional costs caused by detour of freight trains due to the construction of the Third Track of the Betuwe Route, so that no negative modal shift would occur. At the time, the European Commission made an evaluation of this scheme a condition for its approval. In addition to the evaluation, we also investigated the extent to which the scheme should be continued, since the realization of the Third track on the German side will take at least several more years.

For this study, we analyzed data from ProRail and results from previous monitoring and conducted interviews with stakeholders from the rail freight industry. With this we brought the use and experiences with the scheme into focus. Ultimately, the State Secretary decided not to continue the scheme in its current form. Together with the sector, represented in the Third Rail Steering Group Germany, we are looking for a better and more flexible instrument that offers the desired support, also in light of the possible occurrence of lengthy out-of-service periods.

Want to know more? Read the research report and the letter from the secretary of state.

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3 February 2022

1 minute read