Global Online Piracy Study

Three years after Ecorys completed a study on internet piracy in six EU countries, IViR published the results of a sequel study. 

Global Online Piracy Study

For this sequel, IViR analysed copyright law across the globe and wrote a report. Research Now/SSI surveyed 13 countries across the globe and Ecorys analysed the data. 

For the six EU countries both legal and illegal online consumption of music, video, books and games increased, caused by higher online consumption per user. It also found that pirates consume twice as much legal content as people who do not pirate online. Piracy rates among internet users are higher in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil. The study shows that piracy correlates with per capita income. This finding is in line with pirates giving price as the main reason. 

The study found that piracy displaces the legal consumption of music, blockbuster movies, books and games, but mostly for adults and as frequently for minors. Comparing the responses of 2015 and 2018, it seems that over a longer period, changes in personal preferences affect legal and illegal consumption alike and that this effect dominates displacement.   

8 February 2019

1 minute read

Key Experts

Martin van der Ende

Senior Consultant