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Resilient economies

A competitive, vibrant and resilient economy reduces poverty, creates employment and increases equality of access to important goods and services. 

Sustainable growth and digital transition underpin the development of resilient economies. Climate Change, digital transformation and external shocks on our supply chains, ranging from health crises to wars, are challenging the way we do business, trade, work and live. Understanding the origins and impacts of such transformational challenges and addressing them with hands-on capacity building and coordination activities are at the heart of our work to guarantee resilience in an ever more complex world.  

Ecorys works with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, governments, non-government groups, agencies and academics to improve private sector competitiveness, boost trade and investment flows, enhance market and business performance, and create conditions for pro-poor, sustainable and resilient economies that grasp the opportunities of digitalisation and greening of our economies.  We strive to reform economic policy, improve economic governance, strengthen the business environment and harness greener, sustainable and digital transformation.  

Our strong in-house expertise and research-driven approach sets us apart. We provide support at all stages of the policy cycle in a range of fields such as sector studies, impact evaluations, green advisory services, digital transformation advisory, digital policy analysis, policy dialogue support facilities and trade reviews. We can support you with:

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