Case Study

Technical Assistance for Operating Structure to Prepare and Strengthen Programming for the Period 2014-2020

Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport | Sectors: Transport and Infrastructure

The aim of the project is to increase technical and administrative capacity with regards to programme preparation works during the IPA-II period.

The project consists of two phases. These phases comprise the training of the beneficiaries and the preparation of tender documents related to projects taking place in the project pool of the IPA-II period.


• Preparation of a Training Needs Assessment and outline training programmes for staff of the target groups
• Formulation and delivery of a common training programme for staff of the target groups
• Formulation and delivery of a dedicated training programme for staff of EUID and the Internal Audit Unit
• Preparation of “Technical Audit for IPA I Closure” Terms of Reference 
• Organisation and delivery of general training programmes for newly-appointed staff of EUID to increase knowledge and awareness on the IPA process.
• Organisation and implementation of study visits to EU countries
• Technical assistance activities specific to assistance to the Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit; Procurement Unit (PU)
• Provision of support to the PU to fulfil its procurement cycle obligations for individual contracts.
• support to the CMU to fulfil its contract management cycle obligations for individual service and works contracts from the signature of contracts to the approval of the Final Report (service contracts) or issuing of the Final Payment Certificate (works contracts). 
• support to the FMU to fulfil its financial management obligations relating to the implementation of the TOP, 
• support to the QACU to fulfil its quality assurance and control obligations; 
site visits and project-related meetings by the staff of EUID and End Recipients in order to monitor project implementation and financial progress
• Support to Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) meetings

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