Ecorys reviews the design of Italy’s Open Government Partnership Action Plan

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global partnership that brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. Ecorys’ Security & Justice team was selected to perform an independent evaluation of the development and design of Italy’s OGP action plan for 2019-2021. 

Italy joined the OGP in 2011 and this is the country’s fourth action plan. OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) monitors all action plans to ensure governments follow through on commitments. As part of the IRM, independent external researchers assess the development and implementation of national action plans to foster dialogue among stakeholders and improve accountability. 

The evaluation process will run from April to August 2020 and will include in depth desk research and interviews with local stakeholders. 

For additional information please contact Federica Genna.

22 April 2020

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