Technical study for the implementation of Digital Building Logbooks in the EU

The construction ecosystem is widely considered fragmented with information created across its value chain, as well as throughout the lifecycle of a building. This makes the collection, storage, sharing and updating of information on buildings a challenging endeavour.

To address this issue, Ecorys together with TNO, Arcadis and Contecht developed a European model for digital building logbooks (DBLs) to promote tools and protocols that enable the sharing and use of data throughout the construction ecosystem in a harmonious and interoperable way. Such a model for DBLs can help tackle the ecosystem’s fragmentation through data sharing, data use, and the organisation of data.  The model does not necessarily foresee a self-contained library, but a gateway that links and connects existing databases using linked data and semantic web technology.

Being a common repository for all building-related data, the potential for DBLs is to become a unique tool that provides policymakers and private actors alike a single point of entry to verified and trusted building data. Having such access to verified and trusted building data will not only be a useful asset but is a must considering the increasing reporting requirements for buildings. In particular, the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), increases the reporting requirements for Member States and mandates the creation of national databases for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). Similarly, the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities has increased disclosure requirements on sustainable finance for financial institutions including on investments in buildings and renovation. These policy developments further stress the need for making building data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable across the EU.

This 18-month study was implemented on behalf of the European Commission (DG GROW) and has come to an end in November 2023. The main outcome of the study was a set of guidelines for EU Member States to set up and operationalise DBLs under a common EU Framework.

We are happy to now be able to share with you all the main deliverables:

  • The Technical guidelines for digital building logbooks.
  • Five summary fiches outlining the implementation roadmap, technical, economic and legal implementation aspects.
  • Documents on the DBL Semantic Data Model and the Linked Data Implementation
  • The event report from the DBL Final event which brought together over 120 stakeholders across the EU and included presentations on the technical guidelines, updates from the European Commission on relevant initiatives, and exchanges on DBL development from Horizon projects and Member States.


Summary fiches

Technical Guidelines for DBLs

DBL Final Event Meeting Report

DBL Semantic Data Model

DBL Linked Data Implementation

21 July 2022

2 minute read

Key Experts

Martin van der Ende

Senior Consultant

Michael Flickenschild

Senior Consultant