Technical Assistance for Road Master Plan for Bihar's State

Technical Assistance for Road Master Plan for Bihar’s State

The Government of Bihar (GOB) received load from ADB and intent to improve its road network for economic and social development of the state. The objective of the assignment is to provide Technical Assistance (TA) to develop a strategic master plan for its state highway network (estimated to be 7000 km) to improve life of local people and connecting rural population with the national highways in Bihar.

The scope of work for Technical Consultant also involved:

  • Review and assess Bihar’s economic development pattern, socio-economic characteristics, urbanization trends, rural development direction, supply chain and logistic
  • Traffic zoning, traffic surveys, traffic projections using EMME 4 modeling software
  • Analysis freight and passenger movement and estimating future scenario
  • Need Assessment of current system, needs for future development (20-year vision and goals), and required road network to support state and sector level development strategy, study on integration of other mode of transport with road network, etc.
  • Survey and Investigation for road master plan and network development and preparation of methodology.
  • Engineering services including survey, design, costing, road safety etc. to link roads to state highways for better connectivity and transportation of goods and material,
  • Develop a GIS-based database for roads.
  • Pre-feasibility Study of Priority Projects
  • Institutional Support on policy, strategy on social, environment and safety issues.
  • Preparing the 10-year action program, implementation schedule and financing plan related to infrastructure financing and/or private sector participation.
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation mechanism

State Highway Master Plan prepared under TA, if implemented in the manner in which it has been recommended, will be able to meet the quantifiable and measurable performance indicators and targets listed in the Master Plan. Some of these quantifiable and measurable performance indicators include:

  • Maintaining Level of Service B;
  • Achieving average speeds above 70 km/hr (up from current 50 km/hr);
  • Reduce Vehicle Operating Costs by 10% to 50% for different categories of vehicles;
  • Accidents and fatalities to be reduced to 50% by 2025 (compared to 2015); and
  • Greenhouse gases to be reduced by 5%