EU-India Capacity-building Initiative for Trade Development

EU-India Capacity-building Initiative for Trade Development

This was a demand based project aimed at providing studies, research, training, workshops and study tours to the Indian government in the field of Trade Development and Trade related assistance.

The activities focused on the following areas:

1.    SPS and Food Safety
2.    Standards and Technical Requirements, including for example REACH
3.    Intellectual Property Rights
4.    Support to Customs efficiency
5.    Competition Policy. Moreover, the project included cross cutting issues pertaining to private sector development, trade and any other related areas (e.g. growth, employment, CSR)

The outcomes of this project were:

  • Enhanced capacity of India’s trade-related regulatory institutions and enforcement systems in order to meet international standards and requirements and business needs
  • Strengthened capacities in Indian trade-related training institutions

India & the EU

1 February 2019

1 minute read

Key Experts

Nora Plaisier

Principal Consultant