Sharing social protection solutions among EU Member States

Sharing social protection solutions among EU Member States

During 2018–2019 the Ecorys editorial team drafted a collection of best practice examples to help EU Member States learn from one another, in order to improve access to social protection for workers and the self-employed.

The 32-page brochure, produced on behalf of the European Commission, was grounded in a shared belief that effective, fair and inclusive social protection systems are essential to sustainable employment, social cohesion and a strong and resilient economy.

To give all of the success stories a consistent and impactful style, we assigned an experienced journalist to structure the content and to draft the manuscript, using our client’s source material.

The stories were truly innovative and included impressive solutions to delivering healthcare to self-employed workers, protecting the rights of people with disabilities and safeguarding growing numbers of citizens who work in the gig economy.

An outstanding visual impact was assured, with support from our graphic design experts who developed a creative concept for the product and produced the layout in compliance with the European Commission visual identity.

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5 November 2020

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