Impact of Integral Person-Oriented Pathway to Employment on young people, their immediate environment and society

Based on personal stories and experiences of young people and their coaches, Ecorys, in collaboration with Kennisland, provided insight into how young people have taken steps in essential facets of their lives with the help of the IPTA coach. The person-centered support of IPTA coaches to vulnerable youth has a great impact on the lives of the young people and a positive effect on their immediate environment. It also leads to a safer society as a whole where many costs are saved by preventing crime, dropout, debt problems and victimization.

In every municipality there are young people with problems in several areas of life. For example, they struggle with debts, have dropped out of school, have mental health problems or a mild intellectual disability. This makes them vulnerable and increases the risk of developing criminal behavior. Therefore, in 2018, the Ministere of Justice and Security started the pilot Integral Person-Oriented Guidance to Employment (IPTA). This is aimed at preventing offending among youth by responding in time and guiding youth to internship, work or school. The core of the approach is that the youth are intensively guided by a coach, who supports them quickly and intensively in a variety of living areas.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security, Ecorys and Kennisland conducted research into the impact of the pilot on young people, their environment and society. For this purpose we talked to the young people themselves and their coaches. Based on this, Ecorys made a financial analysis per case.

For more information, visit the Kennisland website or contact our consultant Annejet Kerckhaert. Read the stories of the young people and their coaches in the full publication (in Dutch).

10 January 2022

1 minute read

Key Experts

Annejet Kerckhaert

Principal Consultant