Hidden poverty in the Hoeksche Waard municipality: opportunities and bottlenecks in view

Commissioned by the Municipality of Hoeksche Waard, Ecorys conducted research into the characteristics of residents living in hidden poverty, the causes and consequences of living in hidden poverty and bottlenecks and points for improvement of the current approach. The study offers the municipality starting points for future policy.

Recommendations to bring hidden poverty into focus earlier 
Ecorys has a number of recommendations for the municipality to bring people in hidden poverty into focus better and earlier. For instance, it is important to set up a central hotline to catch signals early. Various parties indicate that more signals of poverty problems can be combined to reach residents in poverty at an early stage. In addition, the provision of information should be organised more from the perspective of the target group. Together with partners, municipality communication advisers and experience experts from the target group, develop a joint communication strategy to better reach residents.

What the municipality can best do to effectively support people in hidden poverty is to offer low-threshold help with financial problems. It is also important to invest in the promotion of expertise and a social map. In order to cooperate in a more targeted way, recognise signals and make poverty negotiable. Finally, it is important to focus on reaching and supporting risk groups (children and young people, the elderly, working people and entrepreneurs).

Want to know more? Read the research report (in Dutch) for more information.

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30 April 2021

1 minute read

Key Experts

Annejet Kerckhaert

Principal Consultant