Activities Supporting the Development of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Society (2018)

Activities Supporting the Development of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Society (2018)

The overall aim of the assisgnment is to deliver the following outputs:

  • A web portal focussed on guiding users through the fragmented landscape of security and crisis management related research.
  • An introductory video summarising the objectives of the CoU initiative and its activities, to be published on the CoU website in early March 2018.
  • A series of highlights to display the key CoU thematic areas and policy themes.
  • Content and dissemination materials that are accurate, timely, and accessible to the diverse user group involved in the security research CoU.
  • An online presence that takes advantage of existing data, sharing and/or signposting to relevant information availableA temporary web platform was built in 2016 to provide information on the CoU events, and we are now on version 2.0 of the web platform which went live in March 2018. Version 2 of the CoU web portal, which has been developed to reflect the mapping paper created by DG HOME and this has been used as a basis for our conversations with the JRC on extracted the project data.

It uses simplified language that should help reach out to wider members of the community. The site will work with existing platforms to avoid re-inventing the wheel, whilst signposting to complementary tools that may be useful to users at EU and MS level. The structure of the website is linked to the security research policy challenges, whilst using a set of taxonomy terms that different users can relate to, providing multiple access points to the relevant information dependent on the user’s needs.

Ecorys regular updated the web portal with dynamic content relevant to the CoU to ensure the platform does not appear outdated. Ecorys make content changes to the site e.g an event page for each CoU event to ensure the information provided is up to date. This will be done on request by and in close collaboration with DG HOME.

We’ve tried to simplify the secruity landscape for new users by producing an animation which explains the landscape we are in and the vision for the website. The video help new CoU members learn how the exchange of information and practices can support those responsible for countering the various threats faced by Europe.

It explains the rationale and objectives of the CoU and its relevance to different CoU stakeholder groups (policy makers, researchers, practitioners, industry, and citizens). A concept note including a script was produced outlining the approach to the CoU animation to ensure that the storyline was aligned with the Commission needs. And this animation is on the homepage of the website. 

11 February 2019

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Key Experts

Reuben Pearse

Business Systems Senior Consultant