Ecorys undertakes an evaluation of the Network of Public Employment Services aiming to benefit jobseekers and employers

| Social Policy

Ecorys was appointed by the European Commission to undertake an independent study to support the evaluation of the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES Network). 

The PES Network increases cooperation and solidarity between stakeholders (EU Commission, PES of all EU Member States, along with those in Norway and Iceland). It aims to enhance their performance and prepare for future labour market challenges and reinforce capacity, effectiveness and efficiency. 

The study focuses on the extent to which the PES Network has contributed to the achievement of the objectives set out in the Decision. The impact of the Decision includes a structured framework for cooperation and mutual learning, leading to improvements in PES policy and practices and contributing to Europe 2020 objectives. As an integral part of the Europe 2020 growth strategy, the PES Network contributes to the European Employment Strategy which is focused on creating more and better jobs throughout the EU. 

Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour mobility declared: “The EU PES Network is a successful example of European collaboration at its best. I am convinced this EU cooperation and exchange of best practices and mutual learning will be all the more important in the future to tackle the challenges of the future of work. We need to draw from the best experiences in addressing the skills gap, working closely with employers and supporting the youth. In all this, the consultation of and input from the PES to the EU policy-making will be more valuable than ever!”

The evaluation highlighted that the PES Network has an important voice for the development, implementation and monitoring of both EU and national policies and initiatives in the field of employment. The findings of the evaluation contributed to the Commission’s decision to extend the PES Network until 2027

For further information, the study is available here