OV Accessibility Limburg under pressure?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of public transport passengers has fallen sharply in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that all measures have now been lifted, the number of travellers and thus passenger revenue still lags behind compared to the situation before corona. Our travel behaviour seems to have changed structurally.

Public transport (OV) also faces other challenges. As in other economic sectors in the Netherlands, the sector is struggling with large staff shortages and rising costs. As a result, transport companies feel compelled to increase fares and where necessary scale down timetables (further) to provide reliable services. An unpleasant message now that the woes of COVID-19 seemed to be behind us and, on the contrary, work should be done to restore transport supply. Especially because of the important contribution that public transport can and should make to social tasks around the economy, housing, climate, social participation and a sustainable living environment.

Ecorys mapped the consequences of price increases and timetable cancellations for the province of Limburg. This looked at the use of public transport and the accessibility of city and village centres, work locations and facilities by public transport.

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