Operationalisation of the Programme Budget in the Republic of Mali


Within the framework of the SIEA framework contracts (Lot 5), our consortium has been awarded the ‘Operationalisation of the Programme Budget in the Republic of Mali’ project.

In order to improve how the Programme Budget in Mali is used, a number of issues around the ownership and sharing of programme budgeting and results-based budgeting (RBB) must be addressed. This is what this project aims to do. 

The project aims to work in cooperation with the Directorate General of Budget (DGB) to establish a good understanding of the current situation, taking into consideration the Public Finance Management and Programme Budgeting roadmap established for the next period). This includes specific aspects of how programme budgeting is used (decentralisation of control over budget spending and the budgeting process, for example).

The project will start at the beginning of this year and last for 12 months. For more information, please contact Mervie Likouete, Senior Project Manager.