Ecorys organised a Dissemination Seminar on EU support for Public Procurement reforms in Cambodia

On 10 May 2023 Ecorys organised a dissemination seminar in Cambodia. This seminar was organised with the assistance of the Cambodian General Department of Public Procurement, to conclude a technical assistance project to support the amendment of the Law on Public Procurement. The project was funded by the European Union.  

The Technical Assistance advised on internationally recognized principles and best practices to be considered to improve public procurement and focused on topics like promoting transparency, value for money, efficiency, digitalization and sustainability in the procurement process to strengthen accountability mechanisms in public procurement practices. At the time of the seminar the new law was about to be signed by His Majesty the King. 

One of the aims of the seminar was to raise awareness about the upcoming changes in the Law and its accompanying regulations to ensure a smooth implementation of the law as soon as it enters into force. 

The seminar was well-attended, with 230 participants joining in person and an additional 800 individuals participating online. The participants included government officials, development partners, and stakeholders from various sectors. 

Ecorys remains dedicated to supporting Cambodia’s journey towards an efficient, transparent, and accountable public procurement system and looks forward to future opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

26 June 2023

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