Ecorys to conduct evaluation for the Agriterra Farmer Common Sense in Business 2016-2020 program

Agriterra is an organization for development cooperation founded by the Dutch organizations of farmers (LTO), young farmers (NAJK), cooperatives (NCR) and rural women (SSVO) focusing on agriculture and rural development. Specific support is directed towards farmer organizations and cooperatives. 

The Directorate-General for International Development (DGIS) provided a 55 million euro subsidy for the Agriterra Farmer Common Sense in Business 2016 – 2020 program, and in 2019 gave an additional 4.5 million euros for program expansion and further depth on gender and youth initiatives. 

This evaluation provides an opportunity to understand Agriterra’s program and its effectiveness as an implementing organization.
Ecorys has compiled a strong and well-experienced team to carry out a contribution analysis to determine Agriterra’s contribution to the observed outcomes. Moreover, the team will analyse programming documentation, carryout in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders, and conduct field visits to Uganda, Ethiopia, and among other countries. Final conclusions will be presented at the end of May, 2020. 

For further information contact Anja Willemsen  or Hannah Fazio.

4 December 2019

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