Empowering Rwanda's Democracy: Ecorys Awarded Final Evaluation of the Accountable Democratic Governance Programme (ADGP)

We are delighted to announce that Ecorys has been selected as the contract awardee for the Final Evaluation of the Accountable Democratic Governance Programme (ADGP) in Rwanda. This European Union Funded project aims to strengthen accountable governance, citizen participation, and public accountability to foster sustainable development and inclusive growth in Rwanda.

The ADGP, initiated on 16th December 2016, has been a pivotal intervention in Rwanda’s journey towards accountable and capable governance institutions. With a budget of €14 million, the programme has been implemented to enhance citizen empowerment, promote peace, and reduce poverty. As part of the evaluation, Ecorys will assess the effectiveness and impact of the ADGP in achieving these intended outcomes, providing an independent assessment of its performance.

Through this evaluation, Ecorys aims to generate valuable insights, lessons learned, and recommendations to enhance future interventions. The findings will contribute to the programme’s exit strategy and ensure the sustainability of its results. Moreover, the evaluation will enable the replication of successful practices in other interventions within the broader Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector (JRLOS).
The evaluation will be conducted based on the six standard DAC evaluation criteria: relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact. In addition, the evaluation will focus on the EU added value, assessing the integration of gender equality, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, and climate change adaptation into the programme.

Rwanda, with its well-articulated policy framework and vision for accountable and capable governance institutions, has recognized the importance of strengthening accountability and citizen participation. This evaluation aligns with Rwanda’s National Strategy for Transformation and its commitment to achieving high-income status by 2050.

Follow our journey as we embark on this evaluation, committed to fostering accountable governance, citizen participation, and sustainable development in Rwanda. For more information, contact Ignacio García, Senior Consultant.

12 June 2023

1 minute read