Ecorys Insights: Analysing the Netherlands’ Dependence on Critical Raw Material Imports

In today’s globalised world, securing a steady supply of critical raw materials from foreign sources is crucial for maintaining economic prosperity and industrial growth.  A recent Strategic Autonomy Scan (SAS) conducted by Ecorys has shed light on the Netherlands’ dependence on supplies of critical raw materials from abroad.

The timely and correct import of these materials is vital for the country’s production, consumption, and overall prosperity. The SAS meticulously maps the Netherlands’ reliance on specific raw materials, energy resources, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), technologies, services, and goods, raising awareness about the nation’s import concentration from a limited group of countries outside the European Union.

By identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in the supply chain, policymakers and industry leaders can develop strategies to diversify sources and enhance resilience, promoting a more self-sufficient economy.

Find out more in our latest instalment of Ecorys Insights.

27 July 2023

1 minute read