Understanding social costs and benefits of innovative healthcare initiatives

Is your organisation engaged in care innovation? Is your organisation developing or supporting initiatives in healthcare and do you want to know what the social costs and benefits are? Ecorys’ experts will help you with this. They have extensive experience with social cost-benefit analyses (SCBA), and specific knowledge of SCBAs in the field of healthcare.

Example case 1: (community) care au pairs in Amsterdam
In Amsterdam, experience is gained with a care au pair. A care au pair is a live-in, qualified carer. This care au pair is present 24 hours a day and can assist with personal care, housekeeping and provides companionship. There are also ideas for neighbourhood care au pairs: two to three care au pairs who live in a neighbourhood flat and provide care to several PGB holders who live a short distance from the flat. Using an (indicative) mkba, we mapped out the social costs and benefits and how they compare with regular care. The municipality of Amsterdam uses the results of our research to further work towards the realisation of the neighbourhood care au pair.

Read the research report (in Dutch) for more information.

Example case 2: Recovery Academy PEERPoint in Dordrecht
The pilot Recovery Academy PEERpoint is taking place in Dordrecht. Here, people dealing with the consequences of a life-altering experience can work on recovery under their own direction, with peers and experts by experience. The pilot will run for two years. To gain more insight into what PEERpoint delivers and the possibility of continuing this initiative, the municipality needs insight into the social costs and benefits. We are currently working with the municipality and PEERpoint on this analysis. Do you have a question or would you like more information on our approach? If so, please contact Wim Spit.”

Do you have a question or would you like more information on our approach? If so, please contact Wim Spit.

3 March 2021

2 minute read

Key Experts

Wim Spit

Senior economist