Rapid bus service across national border has added value

In January 2022, Ecorys was commissioned by the Province of Zeeland and the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works to study the feasibility of a fast bus connection between Ghent and Terneuzen. The conclusion: the bus line certainly represents added value for the North Sea Port District, a port region with 100,000 employees.

A journey by public transport between Ghent and Terneuzen currently takes a sloppy 2.5 hours. Population and employment in the Ghent region are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Zeeland could absorb this spatial pressure. In addition, a lack of a good transport connection stimulates the use of the car by residents and employees: an undesirable side effect.

Transport plans made by both countries normally stop at the national border. To encourage public transport and ensure a sustainable future of the port area, the relevant parties of both countries must cooperate and clearly define the division of roles.

6 January 2023

1 minute read