Technical assistance mission to accompany the empowerment of the Malagasy Civil Society and improve the strategic partnership between the DUE and the Civil Society

Ecorys and its implementing partner Sofreco recently participated on the 10th and 11th of May in Antananarivo in the event  “Première Rencontre de Jeunes Leaders Engagés de 8 régions de Madagascar” – Allons faire ensemble! (First Meeting of Young Engaged Leaders from 8 regions of Madagascar – Let’s do it together!). This event made possible through the support of the EU’s technical assistance project, “Mission d’assistance technique pour accompagner l’autonomisation de la Société Civile Malgache et améliorer le partenariat stratégique entre la DUE et la Société Civile,” offered a unique opportunity for young leaders from 8 regions regions to come together.

The primary aim of this gathering was to foster a community of exchange and collaboration, encouraging the emergence of synergies among young civil society leaders. Participants had the chance to learn from one another, exchange practices and experiences, explore each other’s missions, and expand their networks both personally and professionally.

Over the past the past two years, the participants have benefited from a comprehensive leadership capacity building program facilitated by Paul Hibon, a well-established international expert specialised in trainings and coaching.

The first day of the meeting was marked by the enthusiastic presence of the 86 participants. The opening ceremony was attended by the EU Ambassador to Madagascar, Mrs Isabelle Delattre Burger, who delivered encouraging remarks, urging the young leaders to continue their commitment to their country and support the EU in building a strengthened relationship with them as the leaders of tomorrow.

The agenda featured a dynamic combination of plenary sessions, subgroup discussions, engaging games, and inspiring presentations by professionals from Madagascar and abroad. These activities aimed to stimulate feedback, encourage learning, and enable participants to share their own valuable experiences. The topics covered included: rural development, environment and renewable energy, health, education, employment and professional training, governance and elections, and human rights. The participants worked around thematic groups, but also alongside their enneagram groups, a method, which was used to help participants better understand themselves but also the others.

The second day commenced with continued discussions among the various subgroups. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to engage in a speed dating session with donors working with CSOs in Madagascar. Representatives from the European Union, Monaco, the Normandy region in France, GIZ, and two of the consortium members consisting of Ecorys and Sofreco were present. These exchanges facilitated open dialogue, allowing participants to ask questions about the functioning of the represented institutions and their funding and support instruments. It also served as an avenue to explore the multitude of opportunities available in Madagascar, particularly through the Fanainga fund, a multi-donor fund created by Germany, France and Monaco. This fund implemented by the GIZ, aims to synergize the efforts of several donors and is focused on accompanying CSOs in their own process of institutional development and societal action, in order to become a development actor.

The platform of the EU ‘’ Jeunes et engagés’’ was also presented during the seminar to promote more engagement and connexion through a centralised plaftorm with many of the participants being already registered. The event ended with a ceremony where participants were awarded certificates, acknowledging their active participation and/or successful completion of the program. The certification ceremony was attended by the Head of Cooperation of Madagascar , Arnaud Borchard and the task manager in charge of the project, Laetitia Graux.

The seminar concluded with an empowering moment where each participant had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the seminar and their leadership training experience. The word “hope” resonated throughout these heartfelt expressions, exemplifying the profound impact of this training. Not only did it equip these young leaders with valuable skills for the present, but it also provided them with capabilities that will prove invaluable in their future roles and leadership.


30 May 2023

3 minute read

Key Experts

Mervie Likouete

Senior Project Manager