First PINK summit: knowledge sharing between supply chain management practitioners

The first Procurement, Infrastructure and Knowledge Management (PINK) summit took place on 31 March 2022. The purpose of the summit was to gather supply chain management practitioners to create an opportunity to share knowledge, best practices, experiences and lessons for all PINK municipalities, Provinces, and National Treasury, with a common purpose of networking and engaging so as to share ideas on how to resolve the pinching points that are within the Supply Chain Management (SCM) process within the public finance management space. The National Treasury (NT) together with PINK and SECO hosted the first PINK summit.

During the Summit the Supply Chain Management toolkits developed by the PINK team will serve as reference material for future use and guidance. The toolkits support compliance and financial governance in the municipalities in the development of appropriated and compliant plans. Thereby, fewer room for deviation will contribute to the improvement of financial management practices resulting in more service-delivery and enhanced accountability.

The PINK programme is a SECO funded programme implemented by Ecorys. The overall objective of the PINK Programme is ‘increased cost effective, socially inclusive and sustainable service delivery at provincial and local government level’ in South Africa. To achieve this objective, the programme is aligned with the priorities of the National Treasury and aims to address two of the main causes of irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure within municipalities that impact significantly on their ability to provide basic services to all – weak procurement practices and poor infrastructure management.

6 July 2022

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Key Experts

Jan-Willem Knippels