Mid-term review of the HIBISCUS project in Mali

The Harmonisation and Innovation Programme for the Benefit of Society Initiatives and Social Utility (HIBISCUS) project aims at strengthening the involvement of a civil society representative of Mali’s diversity in public action at the local and national level in a sustainable and structured manner. 

The project particularly contributes to improving the capacities of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in terms of internal governance and the search for financing. Also, it aims to improve the CSOs contribution to local development and good governance of decentralised entities. Lastly, it tries to establish a framework for CSOs that is harmonised and aligned with national law. To guarantee sustainability, it is essential that this framework is established over time and will exist and be used beyond the implementation period of the HIBISCUS project. 

To ensure that the HIBISCUS project is on track to reach its goals, the European Delegation in Mali contracted Ecorys to conduct a mid-term review, which Ecorys did from 16th December 2019 until 20th April 2020. The evaluation was conducted remote and from Bamako, Mali with visits to other regions. 

The conclusions of the evaluation led to five recommendations. 

  • Strengthen the Program Activities Monitoring Committee. 
  • Set up tools for monitoring the funded activities.
  • Improve the validation of the content of the DP expenditure memories with the Support Unit to the EDF National Authorising Officer (CONFED).
  • Strengthen the focal point of the activity.
  • Start a dialogue with the local authorities to guarantee the sustainability of the CSOs. 

For more information about this project, please contact Flavia Spigoli, Framework Acquisition Manager.

28 May 2020

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