LED-Conference of ‘Mayors for Economic Growth’ 10th edition successful with help of Ecorys-team

| Economic growth

The M4EG was called into life by the EC to support the East European partners of the initiative in their economic growth. The focus of the M4EG now lies with mostly with local economic development for these areas.

Aside from gaining a number of signatories, the M4EG initiative participated in a conference, partially hosted by the project secretariat of the M4EG which is run by a consortium with Ecorys in the lead. The Local Economic Development Conference took place on the 13th and 14th of September this year. Around 800 participants and 200 speakers and experts shared their experience and knowledge in Tbilisi, Georgia. 
Several sessions in the conference, of which the full recording can be found here, addressed why the EU supports local authorities, the function of local administrators and many more. Through discussions and presentations, one of which hosted by Viek Verdult, these subjects came up, and were thoroughly bespoke. Atze Verkennis pitched in by moderating the event. 

For more information on the M4EG initiative do keep an eye on the site: www.m4eg.eu