Ecorys assists the EU with a training system in Tunisia

Ecorys assists the EU with a training system in Tunisia

Ecorys, in partnership with Sofreco, assists the European Union Delegation to Tunisia with a training system to help understand the EU-Tunisia relationship.

The overall objective of this technical assistance mission is to strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the European Union and its institutions, policies and procedures, by the officials of the Republic of Tunisia; the main representatives of the economic domain and the civil society of the Republic of Tunisia.
The specific objectives of this mission are:

  • To identify and establish a training curriculum to strengthen the capacities and skills of public officials in charge of relations with the European Union within the Tunisian administration, and civil society at large (opinion leaders, media , community leaders, companies …);
  • To provide training on the European Union, its functioning, major policies and place in the world to specific audiences. These trainings will have to incorporate study visits to make the European Union a concrete reality and reinforce and streamline the contacts between the Tunisian forces and the European decision-makers (networking);
  • To define and elaborate, beyond and on the basis of this pilot experience, a sustainable training system intended to ensure a common understanding of the EU-Tunisia relationship, based on shared concepts.

The project started in December 2018 and is expected to end in December 2021.

10 April 2019

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