Civil Society Environment Fund 2 Continues Success in Zambia

Civil Society Environment Fund 2 Continues Success in Zambia

The Civil Society Environment Fund, Phase 2 (CSEF2) is a capacity building and environmental grant fund managed by PMTC Ltd and Ecorys on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The Fund is supporting civil society organisations (CSO’s) in the Environment and Natural Resource sector, with a special focus on CSO capacity building, networking and coordination.

To date, CSEF2 has:

  • Entered into 24 grant agreements with Zambian CSO’s, with a total value of Euro 2,385,240.00
  • Delivered a diverse portfolio of environmental project grants in areas of climate change, environmental conservation, agriculture, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental research, policy and advocacy.
  • Commenced the piloting of a CSO Environment Hub which will facilitate coordination and networking amongst environmental CSO’s in Zambia.
  • Provided hands-on capacity building training and mentorship to 29 individual CSOs in financial management, strategic planning, project cycle management and monitoring and evaluation.

In August 2017, a Mid-Term Evaluation of the CSEF2 project concluded that the design of CSEF2 is directly addressing the gap in financing for CSO’s in the environment sector in Zambia and that the project remains highly relevant for the main beneficiaries (CSOs), for the government staff at provincial and district levels, responsible for supporting ENRM, as well as recipients of CSO assistance (secondary beneficiaries).

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15 April 2019

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