Maritime, Labour Market and Port Monitor 2023 available

For the past 10 years, Ecorys, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, has published the Maritime and Labour Market Monitor annually. And it remains interesting to see developments in the maritime sector up close.

Not only because the sector is important for Dutch employment or because of its substantial economic. But also because we always see international developments translated directly into the sector’s figures. It thus illustrates the great interconnectedness with foreign countries. We look at the year 2022.

One of the features of the year 2022 was the global recovery of COVID. In this respect, 2022 was a positive year. With strong growth figures, the maritime cluster, managed to increase its share in GDP from 3.0% (2021) to 3.2% (2022). We can therefore speak of a robust economic recovery of a meaningful sector that provides employment to over 200,000 people. Indirectly, about 100,000 more employees will be added, which is equal to about 3.0% of total employment in the Netherlands.

Figure: Total socio-economic significance maritime cluster, 2012 – 2022 (in Dutch)

A key driver was strong merchandise exports. With 15% growth compared to 2021, exports reached a share of just over 8% of total Dutch export performance. These are impressive performances from a resilient maritime sector.

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9 January 2024

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